NFaiL: The Split Roger Goodell Created Ahead of CBA Negotiations

***Breaking News: Corleone Family Buys NFL Outright***

I figured I’d let you guys in on this transaction since it was kept under wraps for the past few weeks.

For obvious reasons the family-friendly NFL did not want to leak this information. I understand, it’s not exactly a move most viewers will agree with.

But with the number of favors and pardons the NFL has been granting, I could only come to the conclusion that Don Corleone himself was in NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s ear.

Goodell once ruled the NFL with an iron fist. He took the job and immediately established a zero tolerance policy by making examples out of Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, Tank Johnson, and Michael Vick. Suspensions and fines rained fast and heavy, Goodell was intent on righting the wayward ship the NFL was sailing upon.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a necessary action as the NFL’s public relations department was stretched Olsen twin thin. These players needed to be dealt with, and Roger Goodell was the man to do it. There was no leniency, no remorse, no regret……the NFL would go on without you was the message and players got it loud and clear.

Having received enough pats on the back for his hardline stance, the new NFL commissioner had built a platform. One which he could use to maintain peace or attack.

Once the off-field discipline issues were cleaned up, like any good dictator, Goodell continued to extend his reach.

The crusade against players continued under the veil of ‘helmet to helmet hits.’ A clever use of propaganda, considering not many defensive NFL players know exactly what’s legal anymore.

I’m all for eliminating true helmet to helmet hits. No player should use his helmet as a weapon intentionally.

But this is football. There’s no way to legislate violence out of a game built on it. Tell me, how exactly is a player with the ball in his hands a defenseless receiver?

If you know, please relay this information to James Harrison, who has been made the poster-child for this campaign. Goodell has syphoned Harrison’s bank account for $125,000 while forcing the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive star to contemplate retirement.

It’s not difficult to figure out the true goal of this attack. The NFL wants 18 games. A billion dollars just doesn’t have the same ring as a gazillion.

If the NFL really wanted to approach this effort in the correct manner, they:

1) wouldn’t have overreacted to one week of football games midseason;

2) would create a committee of former players and coaches to assess these hits and issue fines/suspensions accordingly.

Instead, Goodell, the dictator, has the final say.

The only ally he’s enlisted are the referees. The same referees that need 2-4 minutes of replay video to determine whether a receiver tapped 2 feet inbounds, are now relied on to make instant judgments of intent and penalize immediately.

So when Andre’ Johnson and Cortland Finnegan kicked off UFC 176 mid-game, fantasy owners worldwide hit the waiver wire to try to salvage any points they were certain to miss the following week.

What, no suspension?

Only a slap on the wrist fine?

But……but why?

Enter Don Corleone.

The NFL was actually bold enough to say it would not suspend Johnson or Finnegan because it would put the Houston Texans at a competitive disadvantage for their upcoming Thursday Night Football game on *ahem* NFL Network.

In other words, it wasn’t good for the family.

ESPN, FOX, and CBS executives had to be boiling.

Maybe next time, instead of sacking a quarterback, James Harrison should rip his helmet off and punch him in the face; it’s cheaper.

Good precedent.

Now we have the never-ending story that is the Jennifer Sterger/Brett Favre situation.

The NFL says it’s still investigating and will announce a decision as soon as it’s complete. I call their bluff and say they’re stalling. They don’t want Favre’s consecutive games played streak to end, not like this.

But the NFL needs to do the right thing. No matter how embarrassing this may seem, if the facts point to harassment, Brett Favre needs to be punished.

I used to work for a cell phone company, tracking text messages is not difficult. If the timestamps match up and Favre’s phone was in his possession at the same time, guilty. Pretty simple.

I wonder how this situation would’ve played out if it were the Jenn Sterger/Chad Ochocinco investigation.


The NFL is suddenly protecting one of its own. Favre is close to retirement and he’s hurt every week; if the NFL stalls long enough, they won’t have to reveal any decision at all. Period. This case will be buried next to Jimmy Hoffa and good luck living if you try digging for it.

Streak or not, sexual harassment is a serious matter and one the NFL seemingly wants to avoid. The Ines Sainz/Jets controversy was the smoke; this is the fire.

Brett Favre is a legend and an icon. He’s been in the league for years, holds the NFL’s most impressive streak and continues to add to it. Favre makes the NFL money. From fake retirements to TD passes, he’s a cash cow.

Drama = money

What happened to ‘the NFL will go on without you?’

This is the problem with becoming a dictator. Sooner or later you’re going to have to turn on one of your own.

If you don’t, people see weakness and uprisings occur. Don’t think the NFLPA won’t be using the Johnson/Finnegan and Favre/Sterger situations to their benefit in Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

Roger Goodell has managed to split the NFL family in two through inconsistent decisions and clear favoritism. I suggest he work very hard to repair these relationships, or things are going to get much uglier.

Ask Michael Corleone.


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